Extended uses of VLC

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You thought vlc as just another audio/video player, but to your surprise its much more than that. If you are using vlc you must be using it because its quite popular and maybe your friend recommended it to you as its a good player and if you ask him/her how its good then you must got in reply that it can play more formats of video than any other player can even think of. If its so then now its the time to start my story. So, let me tell you some advanced features of vlc which no other player has it all and that so for free.

So let’s start with -

  • Video conversion

Just go to media button and select convert/save from the list and a pop-up will appear which will ask you to select the file which you want to convert and it has over 20 formats which vary from mp3 to youtube HD in which the file can be converted. Its a feature which allows users to do conversion and that also without downloading any converter.

  • Screen capture/Desktop recording

This feature of the player allows you to record your desktop screen, if you want to make a tutorial and post it on youtube then you can record your desktop without any difficulty and without downloading any extra software for the purpose. And believe me its desktop recording quality is superb if you do it between 25–30 fps.

  • Add-ons

Like many open-source softwares this player also has a large variety of add-ons available for its use which ranges from skins to extensions and much more.

  • Screen shots

You may be aware of this feature and must have tried it, this feature allows user to take screenshots of the video being played on the screen.

  • Network Streaming

Ever caught in a situation where you’re unable to play video on youtube due to some reason or wanted to play an audio/video file over a network, well here vlc comes to rescue. One can play any online video in the player and also the video available over network, just go to network streaming option in the player available under Media category and enjoy streaming.

  • Setting aspect ratio of video

Some videos of youtube aren’t of a particular ratio. So, if you want to enjoy them in a particular ratio then just press the A key and vlc will keep on switching its ratio’s available and keep hitting the key until you find a suitable aspect ratio according to your comfort.

  • Using as a webcam

This player can also be used to record through your web cam and its much lighter and faster than usually used web cam softwares. Just click on open capture device under the category media and hit play button and it’ll start your web cam recording and you can also set the quality of the video to be recorded along with setting of some advanced options for recording.

Happy Exploring — Explore it more as its much more than a mere blog post. This player is available for all type of Operating Systems — Windows and Linux and that so for free as its open source.