A trip to Shillong (Part - 1) On the way to Shillong

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Those were the summer vacations when everybody was experiencing boredom at its best. And i was also one of those and was thinking on “The ways to kill boredom?”, when i came to know that my family has already planned a trip out to Shillong and i wasn’t even informed about this trip (It was a surprise for me) and i really liked it (oh! sorry Loved it).

  • How we reached there?

From Himachal to Delhi it was by Rajdhani Express. Reached there by morning and the flight was scheduled the next morning. So, just spent the whole day with friends out there in Delhi, it was a reunion after a long time. Although they were in touch over phone, but meeting them was just a great experience and we enjoyed the whole day out there.

  • Flight journey

The worst part of the trip was to wake up early at 5:30 am to catch the flight (at that time i was like i am not going anywhere, you people just enjoy the trip by yourself, but my mom made me wake up). Reached the airport by 7:30 am and headed for security checks, collecting boarding passes and so on. On one of the stages of security check i was stopped by the security officer (when my family had already passed all the checks) at this point i got a little scared as from the whole queue he just had stopped me, why it could be so? Then he made me drink half the bottle of water i was carrying (i was supposed to dispose it before entering the airport checks, but i just forgot) and then pointed towards my bag and asked me to unzip it, which when i did he took out two bottles of Deodorants and started them spraying here and there and then waited for a minute before handing them back to me and at that time i was like “WOW DUDE, WHAT WAS THIS?”. Then after waiting for sometime in the waiting area and enjoying WiFi there we headed towards Air India flight.

  • In the flight

In the flight when i went up to the seat which i was alloted a lady their requested me to take her seat which was at the distance 6–7 rows from there as she had a toddler with her and was alloted seat at a good distance from her family. So, i just accepted her request and headed towards her seat, which was a seat with a passenger seat on one side and a cabin crew (air hostess’s) seat on the other — This was what i thought. But it was a seat of a air host. He was a nice man and was from Sikkim (as i remember). Our Captain was A. Malik and there were many decently dressed air hostesses. That flight also had LCD screens there for every individual so i enjoyed watching PK there (for the 10th time i think or more than that). It took us 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach there. Landed at Guwhati airport and headed towards our final destination Shillong which was 4 hours of journey from there.

  • To Shillong

Hired a tourist cab from Guwhati and reached Shillong around 7:30pm had dinner and crashed into bed.